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Why you should consider Vietnam to outsource your data factory

December 29, 2019


The processing and analysis of their data has become essential for most companies during the past decade. Indeed, the information that we can obtain thanks to data is of considerable help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as in informing strategic decision-making. Then, there is the question of the means to use for the data exploitation, outsourcing is a recommended solution. Today, many countries are investing to be competitive in the data industry, but one stands out: Vietnam.





The prices offered by Vietnamese companies are particularly attractive in this area. In fact, the workforce is cheap, 90% less expensive than in the United States and 30% less than in India. It is also much lower than the price you can find in Eastern Europe. These low outsourcing costs make Vietnam a major player in this market.




Low prices could cause fear of poorer quality work, but the figures prove the opposite. Vietnam trains over 80% of its graduate students in science and increasingly directs these training courses to IT. The offer is therefore very large. In addition, more and more Vietnamese are going to train in foreign universities (United States, Europe, Australia) where they obtain very good results. More over, compared to other countries like India, the Vietnamese are loyal to their company which allows a greater stability in the execution of the missions. Finally, the level of English is constantly improving and therefore allows a great ease of communication.


Economical and political stability


Vietnam has experienced stable and significant economic growth in recent years, one of the strongest in Asia. It obviously encourages investments in this country. They are becoming more numerous especially thanks to a very effective policy of the Vietnamese government in this field. In addition, the social and political context is particularly stable in Vietnam. It allows the establishment of many economic actors who do not have to fear possible crises. Vietnam's relationship with its different neighbors is very good, many companies located in China, Japan and Southeast Asia already trust Vietnamese companies to outsource their data factory.


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