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Metabase vs Tableau Software

October 16, 2019


Metabase and Tableau are two Business Intelligence tools created to help companies or people to see and understand data. These data visualization tools are more and more used today because companies realize that the analysis of their data can give them very useful information about their business. Well-processed data in this type of software can indeed identify both weaknesses and strengths of the company which could also predict the future behavior. Metabase is an open-source tool created in 2014 while Tableau is a commercial one founded in 2003.


Data Sources


Both are easy to link with many data sources like BigQuery, Google Analytics, MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite or AWS. However, Tableau has the advantage to have a special feature of Data Blending which enables to have different data sources. Like many open-source business intelligence offerings, Metabase doesn’t have any ‘plug-and-play’ connections you can create with Saas services.



Bar chart on Metabase (Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash)


Tableau and Metabase are both known for the large choice of visualizations that they offer. They are especially stunning for Metabase because some of them are really authentic.The advantage of these two BI is that it’s easy to create visualizations even if you don’t have technical skills. For both of them, you can use them without being able to code. Once your dashboard is ready, it’s possible to share it easily with this two BI tools.



Main cons


However, Metabase has some notable cons. For example, you need to have a Mac to quickly get up and run a local version. It is also hard to create complex questions without the use of MySQL and you need to do some data mapping to get started. With Tableau, we said that it’s easy to create some usual visualization but if you want to use the complex visualization features, you need time and cost-intensive training. Last but not least, the main problem with Tableau is the price which is high compared to other tools available in the market. Moreover, although Tableau gives you access to an important forum of users, but the after-sales maintenance and customer support are not up to the mark.


Finally, these two BI tools seems to be really good ones in their category, open-source tools for Metabase and commercial ones for Tableau. If you don’t want to have any problem to set up your BI tool and if you are ready to pay, Tableau seems a better solution. Metabase seems more suited to more technical profiles that could then easily customize the tool even if Metabase is really easy to use in comparison with the other open-source software.


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