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Recruitment methods

August 29, 2019

Today, we will present you the recruitment methods that are used most in successful companies. These methods will be divided into two main sources where the talents come from: Internal and External.




Internal source 


1.Recruitment notice board

In companies, there is recruitment notice board where new vacancies are posted to attract employees. HR officer can use this to look for new talents when needed. On this board, the necessary information related to Job description (such as: tasks or necessary skills) should be provided in details. As this board is visible to many employees, it is a good method to spread new recruitment news fast. 


2. Relevant employees

When a team needs new members and the recruitment need sent to HR department, HR staff should talk to employees who work in that team. Thanks to that, he/she can have an idea about which characteristics that the candidate needs to possess to become a part of the team. Then HR officer can test if the candidate has them or not. For example, if the Business Development team needs a new salesman, during the interview, the candidate can be checked if they have  negotiation and convincing skills.


3. HR management software 

This is a useful tool, however, it takes a lot of time to find a suitable candidate out. HR staff needs to spend hours to look for current employees information and then find the link between knowledge/ capacities of each candidate and the requirements of job vacancies. For example, a Data analyst needs to know SQL, Python or R. HR officer can screen the employee info and see if the applied person knows these IT languages.

External source


1. Referral programme

To an article of Talentlyft, the time spent trying to recruit a new talent by using Employee referral program is 29 days. While, if HR officer uses Job board and Career site, it will be 39 and 55 days, respectively.  The duration is nearly double. Thus, employee referrals are really helpful in recruitment. This helps the company save time and money.


2. Advertisements on Social media

According to Techjury, in 2019, 3.48 billion people are using social media actively (such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, LinkedIn) and 2.23 billion of them use Facebook. 2 hours and 22 minutes is the average time used in socializing online. These figures show that by sharing advertisement or hiring posts, many talents can be found out easily. However, as it is hard to control the accuracy of these sources, the candidate info sometimes is unreliable.


3. Job board 

Posing job vacancies on job posting sites is one of the most popular methods to recruit talents. Companies post their hiring news with job description on job boards like Timviecnhanh, In deed, Vietnamworks, Careerlink, Careerbuilder, Job street or Glassdoor. Candidates can apply by sending their curriculum vitae (CV) and cover letter directly from these sites or be redirected to career sites of the companies. These job boards not only help to connect between candidates and companies, but also help talents improve their CVs by providing templates or suggestions.


4. School/University

Going to schools/universities to present about company and talk with students is also a good recruitment method. Some companies use this to keep their future employees by signing contract before they graduate. This creates a link between schools and companies, not only for full-time recruitment but also for internships or courses provided by company staff. Thanks to that, companies can have qualified talent sources and students at the same time can learn practical things.


5. Headhunter

Companies can also use headhunters for recruitment. They can pay professional headhunters to look for suitable candidates instead of spending time to do so. These headhunters will go to job boards, social medien or their own sources to screen info of candidates and test them then send info of the best ones to companies.



Finally, there are some notes for HR officer in recruitment process.


1. Examine the candidate info 

The curriculum vitae (CV) provided by the candidates is really subjective, they sometimes do not tell the truth about their skills or previous jobs. Thus, HR staff, if possible, should go to some “secret” sources to get real information about that candidate. 


2. Check the motivation

HR officer can suggest a candidate to do another job by saying that some position is open and easier to apply and that he/she can be hired immediately. If he/she changes his/her mind and accepts that proposal, it means he/she is not “stuck” with the position that he/she applied. In that case, he/she should not be recruited as he/she may be not loyalty to that job for a long time.


3. Test the ready-to-improve skill

During the interview, HR staff should give some assignments to check how the candidates can face with mistakes, if they are ready to fix/deal with them and improve themselves from these mistakes. Avoid having mistakes is important, but how to fix them is more important. The good employees should know how to fix their mistakes and move on rather than being stuck with that.




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