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Cloud Computing Pros and Cons

August 6, 2019

What is Cloud Computing?


Cloud is a computing service, ranging from data storage to computing power, tailored to those who don’t wish to have an active role in managing the physical technology. In other words, businesses can just use their services without needing to host a physical server.


Examples of this kind of service provider are Google, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.


There are three main types of product from Cloud Computing:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) - Where service provider will provide you the building blocks needed to build your own application/software;

  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Where service provider will provide you with a platform, upon which you will build your application/software;

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Where everything has been done for you, and you just need to use the provided software for your operation.


To understand more about these products without understanding the programming part, take this example below if you are in need of a Pizza instead.


Cloud Computing Pros


Cloud Computing is the cheapest and easiest solution for small & medium companies who would like to operate without needing much time and investment in their own physical server. Cloud providers also typically adopt the pay-as-you-go model, meaning that you are only paying for what you have used. 


Cloud also allows for collaborations without needing to meet face-to-face. Tools like Google Docs/Spreadsheets/Slides allow multiple members to edit and contribute from their own home, instead of having to meet up. It also provides a range of flexibility for those from different time zones, to work at their own pace instead of risking health to keep the same schedule as their team members.


Cloud Computing Cons


Security is a major problem of Cloud Computing because you do not own your own server. You will have to rely on third-party companies to keep your data safe. This problem is especially difficult for larger companies who need to keep sensitive information to their operation from getting stolen by hackers and/or competitors. If your companies think the cost of keeping your own data safe in your server outweighs the convenience of Cloud Computing, then you should invest in the on-premise server instead.


Another thing that is critical if you are using Cloud Computing is an Internet Connection. On one hand, if you have a slow or unstable connection, operation on the cloud may be impossible. On the other hand, if the service provider of your choosing doesn’t maintain their own connection then your operation can also be affected. 




You should first determine what is the main reasons should Cloud computing to be adopted in your operations.

  • Less Cost;

  • Convenience;

  • Allow Collaboration;

  • Etc.

And what are the main reasons why Cloud computing isn’t suitable for your business?

  • Security risks;

  • Is your Internet reliable;

  • Is your service provider reliable;

  • Etc.

Compare these reasons to weigh the pros and cons before choosing a Cloud Provider suitable for your company.




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