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Trends in Human Ressources

July 4, 2019








Today, we are going to present you six trends in HR which can help HR officers have an overview about HR market as well as know some tools to apply in their company HR system.


1.Office culture

Description: Culture is defined as standards, values ​​and beliefs in the behavior of every employee in the organization. It is the most important factor in the success/failure of an organization. 


Pros: When company culture is associated with business goals, this will positively affect employee behavior. Thanks to this link, performance of each employee can increase as they can achieve more when company has a better performance. As a result, companies can develop faster.


2. Welfare policy

Description: Nowadays, employees can work more remotely, flexibly and globally. To Intuit, in the US, 43% of office staff spend a specific amount of time to work at home and 34% of workers who work autonomously do not need to be at the office frequently. Despite that, HR specialists still have to ensure benefits for companies but also do not forget the rights of employees. They need to figure out how to support and guarantee benefits for all employees when they are not regularly present at the company, as well as the connection between employees when they are not together.


Pros: Good welfare policy can ensure the loyalty of employees and surely lead to a great performance of a company.


3.Recruitment Marketing

Description: The explosion of social networks, the shift in the employment structure and the opportunity to access information widely through the Internet of Things technology have radically changed the way that candidates seek jobs. Candidates can quickly look up Google or social networks to know about the culture and working environment within companies. After that, they can easily choose the suitable job opportunities with attractive salary.


In Recruitment Marketing, the entire recruitment process will be modeled as a candidate's job search journey - similar to the theory of a shopping journey in marketing:


- Awareness (Attracting): Recruiters attract the attention of candidates with strong recruitment brands and EVPs (Employee Value Proposition).


- Consideration: For a group of interested people, recruiters continue to categorize candidates according to their potential to form appropriate approaches. 


- Interest (Maintain): Recruiters optimize the candidate's experience in the recruitment process, maintain long-term relationships with candidates

Pros: Recruitment Marketing applies all the principles of modern marketing such as multi-channel communication, data analysis, and automation technologies to consolidate EVP's recruitment and promote brands. Thanks to that,  recruiters can attract or create a relationship with potential candidates.


4.HR Analytics/ Talent Pool

Description: Talent Pool is a database where employers store all candidate information. Thanks to this tool, HR officers can manage and store the data about candidates found from a multiple sources or referrals, or candidates looking for Recruitment information of companies.


Pros: When a company needs to recruit a new position, HR team has a pool of available talented candidates to choose the most suitable ones. Thus, many firms are adopting this trend and starting to collect candidate data for Talent Pool for the present/future recruitment. This helps employers be proactive in the needs of personal as well as the situation of unstable employees in the market nowadays


5.Candidate Relationship Management

Description: Candidate Relationship Management means proactively saving all data related to the candidate's application process including: application time, application source, reasons for applying, etc. In the world, this technology has been popular for decades and is called ATS (Applicant Tracking System). However, ATS is a relatively new in Vietnam.


Pros: Thanks to this tool, recruiters can follow up application process since all data is linked together and focuses on a platform. The data, thus, is clear and transparent.


6.Employee referrals/ Employee Referral Program(ERP)

Description: A lot of  data proves the superior performance of recruiting employees through internal referrals. Based on that, companies can find a qualified candidate with low cost, short recruitment time, ability to catch the work fast, high conversion rate through each round and be willing to stay with companies for a long time. For instance, Google is a business that has started to approach this trend early. 



Pros: The key to the success of ERP program is  to track exactly whom a candidate is referred by. At the same time, when that candidate is successfully hired, the launcher will be informed too. Technology now plays an important role in tracking and extracting accurate results, ensuring this process is transparent and clear.


Besides building company culture and ensuring welfare policy to make current employees to be loyal to the company, technology helps firms find out new talented people fast and effectively. Technology development helps recruiters a lot in attracting talents as well as manage their info. To Lou Adler, CEO of Adler corporation, in 2019, each company should focus on recruiting the most capable candidates by asking the support of HR professionals to actively approach potential candidates. Then recruiters should do everything to make talented people love your company and accept the offer, or continue approaching them to maintain a good relationship later. Do not wait for the talents to apply to your company!






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