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8 Top reasons to hire a consultant / to use Data consulting services.

June 20, 2019

Why do companies ask for outside help, can’t they face their own challenges by themselves?


It is not that easy and there are great advantages to hire a consultant when you are managing an issue, and especially if it is related to Data. We will start with the generic reasons to hire consultants and then deep dive with the reasons to use Data consulting services.


  1. A consultant brings an external and neutral perspective: employees are sometimes too close to a problem within an organization to identify it.

  2. No one likes CHANGE, especially corporate employees. That’s why consultants are better to implement it. They don’t worry about the corporate culture, relationships between employees and internal politics, they focus on solving the issue, without any external influence.

  3. A consultant can teach, he’s not in competition with anyone internally to get a promotion.

  4. A consultant has a strong operational experience. He has been working with many clients from various industries and knows how to avoid business pitfalls. He also knows the best processes to implement in order to reach success.

  5. Use consulting services is a way to save money as it can be used as an adjustment. You might need highly specialized skills for a short period of time. Specialized talents would not only be very expensive to hire but you might not have enough work to keep them busy all year round.

  6. Becoming Data driven may take years and a significant investment for a company, it’s a long journey with a few milestones:  Business requirement, KPI Definition, Data Collect and automation, Data Visualization, Optimization, Predictive Modeling… Starting from scratch is very difficult, almost impossible if you don’t have internal resources with an adapted and solid background. A consultant can help you proceed step by step.

  7. Discerning fact from hype is critical when you are launching Data projects. Nowadays, there are more and more AI gurus promising to achieve miracles. It can be hard for companies to differentiate true geniuses from fake experts as it is way above their internal skill sets. Data consultants can help you in your hiring process (reviewing the job description, interviewing the candidates, checking their abilities…).

  8. Technology is now a key component of a company success. Developers have figured that out a long time ago and the list of tools available in the market is endless(Data platforms, Business Intelligence tools, Campaign management...).

Data consultants are used to work with a lot of technologies, they can detect their advantages and weak points.They are also able to help you for the implementation and the skill transfer of your team. In a lot of cases, companies subscribe for a tool without enough preparation and then require the support of consulting companies as they are not able to use the solution correctly.


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