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DRIVE shares business automation hacks

May 28, 2019

An insight of automation processes and workload relief, which required a few lines of script of #1 programming language worldwide.


Python has become a leading language to process and enhance data, When transforming data to intelligence, retrieving and publishing data feature among the first and last steps of your routine. In this use case, the developer uses programming language to (1) write and format spreadsheets, (2) send emails or (3) execute actions on websites.


With its expertise in scripting, DRIVE comes up with convenient automation scripts and suggest mainstream business situations where these can apply.


1. Excel / Spreadsheet hacking

These files already offer a lot of features: macro, formulas, formating. When data is processed from predictive models, you want to overwrite or concat results on your current spreadsheets. For this purpose Python offers openpyxl (MS Excel) or gspread (Google) libraries to handle it. The added value of scripting can be :

  • Dynamically insert rows or columns as data shape evolves, without needing to rewrite some master formulas manually.



  • Transform the structure of a document if data is not retrieved from a tabular source (PDF, government document with specific margins between text elements). Transform to a table an inconvenient source of data.




With scripting, your business documents remain consistent and reliable without periodic manual intervention.


2. Web browsing & automated forms filling

Every manual intervention on your web browser can be executed by a bot, such as requesting a page, logging in, typing text in fields and clicking on buttons. Python offers Selenium library for bot executions, which also handles javascript elements of the web page compared to other scraping libraries. A bot becomes useful for repetitive tasks, here follows some use cases:

  • Filling forms with the same template (such as creating employee profiles on HR tool, writing publication or chat on social website). This can be applied to any kind of raw information saved on a spreadsheet that is meant to be filled on an online form.

  • Retrieving information on products from lists of products over several pages (e-commerce, flights, accommodation, social media posts, addresses).

[Gif of bot?]


3. Email automation

From a set of email addresses, Python’s library smtplib allows you to reach a hundred of them per minute. This is convenient in the following use cases:

  • You connect with hundreds of prospects (a reasonable daily amount) avoiding using a paid service.

  • Your business runs a periodic routine and results need to be published to your partners. As soon as the routine refreshes, your script triggers the emails sending with attached files.

  • You want to generate personalised fields in the mail content and design, or even segment templates and topics for partners from different industries. Paid services already offer you to create a large set of templates for specific segments of the audience. However in our key businesses, you report to your partners on data availability, KPIs monitoring, data processing. Hence, Python can dynamically select output templates depending on conditions and constraints.

Alongside the scripting core of this solution, the text message of your email can be handled as HTML code, which allows you to design the content as a website page.


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Created in 2017, DRIVE is a data & analytics consulting company providing clients with a data-driven business strategy, powered by skilled talents, reliable data, and scalable technology system. Certified on major analytics and conversion solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet and Adobe Analytics, we combine our expertise to meet your business expectations. With experience in both brand and agency matters and working within international environments for more than ten years, we can accompany you in facing your challenges.


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