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How to lead a successful in-store & online data collection campaign?

May 14, 2019


RGPD or countless scandals linked to data privacy could have made retailers reluctant to ask for and deal with personal data about their customers. Nonetheless the data driven world we live in doesn’t seem to spare retailers from going data driven.

Why in-store data collection has become so important?

On the one hand, retailers gather information to provide a more valuable, relevant and enjoyable experience for the customer. On the other hand, they are now able to sell this information to the brands they deal with, and to leverage their internal data.

Collecting data at the point of sale and actively searching for answers to key questions helps you know your customers as members of larger segments.


Customers answers will yield data that can inform different ways to segment your customers into relevant groups and help you to make important strategic decisions, like finding which products are complementary or have a good purchasing correlation among a specific segment of the population.


When it comes to data collection you need to be very careful not to seem too intrusive. You need to make it easy, trustful and relevant. Each interaction point with customers is an opportunity to collect data: you're not going to get everything in one place at one time.


DRIVE gives you 7 ideas to collect successfully data in-store and online:

  1. Purchase transactions at your Point of Sales is the most seamless way to gather “first-party” data.

  2. Sign up forms: it can be offline, on paper, or even better on tablet. Let them know that if they sign up, you'll email them a welcome coupon with a special discount.

  3. Loyalty programs: engage customers and learn more about them. Loyalty programs that integrate with your Point of Sales are a huge time saver and will help streamline the data collection process especially across all your channels.

  4. Surveys: ask them the questions that will help you make better marketing, merchandising, sales and product decisions. Then integrate this data into your marketing platform and provide intelligence to the brands you’re working with.

  5. Social media: poll or ask your customers for feedback, display ads, retargeting...

  6. Competitions among your customers: ask for the specific information you would like to gather while giving something in return. For example, the first 25 customers to share their favorite spring trend, gets a free gift.

  7. Web analytics: build content on your website that provides info, resources, insight and entertainment for your customers. Then use web analytics tool (like Google Analytics) to see what resonates with your customers through metrics like page views, bounce rate and time on page.

As these pieces begin to fit together, you can face a new challenge. Cross both online and offline collected data and start to gain a complete picture of your customer demographic as well as their unique, individual preferences.


Some ways to cross online and offline collected data:

  1. Send check-out receipt via e-mail

  2. Add QR codes on products to prompt people into activate guarantee or promotion after instore purchase

  3. Use a chatbot to guide people towards and inside your shop or even after purchase providing user guide, guarantee, suggesting complementary products or activating promotion




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