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Custom website vs. Website builder | Pros and Cons of tracking

Publishing a website is an investment of time and energy. To be successful, you need to measure the return on investment which can be the volume of people who come to your site, or the volume of forms submitted. Data analytics will tell you which portions of your site are the most  visited by the visitors and how they interact with your website content. But, before you can get to these insights, you need data that can only be provided by a website tracker or a tracking system.


A tracker is a piece of software that, for whatever reason, creates and reports to its operator a summary of your web activity. Websites can learn about your web behavior by using tracking cookies, browser fingerprinting, tracking scripts, IP address and clickstream tracking. Google has helped simplify website tracking a lot by creating the famous analytics tool and a tagging tool that just requires adding a piece of javascript code into your website codes in order to track multiple actions. After being added to the website, the tools will do the rest including data collection, classification, visualization while all you need to do is look at the information and start your analysis.


Modern websites are created in two ways, either manually by writing codes (custom website) or automatically by drag and drop the elements you want into a template (website builder). Website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual code editing. In other words, a website builder is a software that allows you to create a website online. You do not use your local computer (desktop or laptop) to hold software that will build the website. Instead you’ll build the website online via software designed specifically for the website creation. Website builders don’t require extensive coding or technical skills and can help set up your site in a snap without graphic design skills. You don’t even need to think about website maintenance.


The top small business website builders nowadays are WordPress, Wix and SquareSpace.


How a website is created has a certain impact on the way the trackers are implemented. Let’s find out the pros and cons of each type of website regarding the adding of Google Analytics tracking code.



If you already owned a website, ask how it was created, how data has been collected and compare your audit with some data tracking best practices to know if the current setup is good or if it needs improvement.


If you think about building a website for your brand or your product, based on your budget and objectives, you can choose the website type that suits you the best, implement a tracking plan and see how it impacts your business.







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