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How to increase the conversion on your website?

March 7, 2019


In the digital era, consumers can now search, gather information, and make a decision anywhere and any time at one place online. According to this, the way business reaches out to consumers has been transferred online along with the flow. If you didn’t have a website yet and wanted to ask if a website is necessary for your business the answer would be “Yes” regardless of the size of business. So what are the benefits of having a website in an internal and external aspect of the business? Besides the fact that today most consumers go online, websites can be used to provide both consumers and employees with business information in detail, to recruit new employees, and to expand business presence globally online, to list a few.


Now you know why having a website for your business is significant in the modern world. Next, let’s get to know one of the most principal concepts in running a website well, which is a conversion. What is a conversion?


To shortly explain, conversion refers to a behavior or an action that is done by consumers or users completing the desired goals on a website. For example, if you have a goal to receive email signups via a website an action that users fill in and submit the form will be a conversion in this case. As you can see, a conversion can be differed depending on what goals you set up. Then, let’s have a look at more conversions on a website for different types of business.



As shown in the table above, there is a various type of conversions. Once again, the conversion should be determined by your desired goal. In other words, before seeing what conversion you will track figuring out what you aim to out of a website should be the very first step. Otherwise, a conversion will bring you any helpful ideas but a waste of time.


Once you set up a goal and select a conversion you will be able to track the conversion rate. Since conversion itself doesn’t indicate how exactly consumers are behaving on your website you need to look at conversion rate which will show what percentage of the total consumers or users completes the desired goal on your website. If your website has a low conversion rate for email signups you will need to identify how you can improve to receive more email signups. Then, let’s take a look at a few ways to improve your conversion rate.


1.Increase User Experience


Do you want to raise website visitors but the conversion is not as much as you want or visitors leave your website too soon after a few clicks? This example will help you have ideas about where to begin to improve your conversion.


First, look at your website’s design. Didn’t you overlook the importance of the web design so your website looks to be poor and cheap compared to other websites? Web design matters more than you might think on the ground that it is about first impressions. All the elements on your website, such as the logo, a description, images & videos, navigation buttons, etc, will affect visitors’ first impressions. When visitors first land on your website, catching their attention and keeping them would be the first steps in improving your web visitor conversion.


Second, check the website’s load speed. According to (2017), 32.3 % of visitors leave the page when it takes 7 seconds to load the page. You don’t want to miss them just because your website takes over 7 seconds to load, do you? Not to miss them, you need to speed up your website. How? Here are some examples. 1. Minimize HTTP requests, 2. Minify files, 3. Reduce image sizes, etc. Now, let’s get started improving your visitor conversion.


2.Set up a sales funnel



Here is another case. Let’s say you are running an eCommerce website and you want to increase sales. Unfortunately, the conversion is, however, too low so you are looking for a way to improve your conversion. How to improve it? The first step is to optimize your conversion funnel which consists of 4 basic segments: awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion (sales). This basic funnel will indicate how visitors go through the process of making a purchase and becoming converted. Once you optimize the funnel, you will be able to see in which segment consumers are dropping and this lets you know where you need to reinforce to get the conversion increased.


Now, you can get started with help of google analytics or DRIVE is here to help you!


3.Do A/B testing


Do you set a goal but don’t know what you should make your website look like in order to get your goal achieved? Conduct an A/B testing, compare and see which works better! A/B testing is a technique for determining which version of your alternative website design works or doesn’t work for your goal. Let’s take a look at the example above. This is a sample created by DRIVE for you to better understand. In the case. you want to receive more orders. What you can do is make a several version of design or form and test all the versions. Which version encourages orders more? A or B version? Of course, you can test more versions and get the best results. Let’s take another example, Assume you are running a campaign. The campaign leads consumers to a landing page on your website and you expect them to fill out their information and submit. To achieve the best results of the campaign, You can create several versions of landing pages and test. By continuously doing an A/B testing, you will be able to make more and more optimized version increasing your conversion.




  1. Why you need a website?




  2. What is the conversion?




  3. What’s the conversion for your website? -  Set a goal




  4. How to improve the conversion on your website?





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Created in 2017, DRIVE is a digital performance company providing clients with a data-driven marketing strategy, powered by skilled talents, reliable data and scalable technology system. Certified on major analytics and conversion solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet and Adobe Analytics, we combine our expertise to meet your business expectations. With experience in both brand and agency matters and working within international environments for more than ten years, we can accompany you in facing your challenges.


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