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How to find a job in Viet Nam?

February 19, 2019


There are three main ways to find a job in Vietnam and this article will present them as well as the pros and cons of each method.


A. Job boards


In order to find a job, you can go to the job boards, sign you up and save all your info like resumes, picture, contacts, etc. for HR officer to reach you.


Here are some popular job boards in Vietnam:

  1. Career Builder

  2. Jobstreet

  3. IT viec

  4. Manpower

  5. Vietnamworks



  • Simple> To create an account in the job boards is really easy. You just need to go to the job pages and follow the instructions, which are quite simple.

  • Low cost> In the past, you have to go to the company offices or job centers, then register, pay the fee and wait for a while to receive notifications. Now, you only need to have a mobile phone or a computer with an internet connection, then you can register to as many job pages as you can. Most of these job boards are free.

  • Regular update> The hiring posts are updated every day or even every second. So you have many chances to find a suitable position. You can also receive the notifications related to the jobs that you applied or liked really soon.



  • Fake post> Some people upload fake posts that mention a high salary to attract candidates. After that, at the interview, they will ask the candidates to submit many kinds of unreasonable fees.

  • Time lost> There are a lot of posts with available jobs showed every time so it takes a lot of time to read them. It is easy to fall into the situation of looking from one job to the other one. As a result, you can not find out any good job and still be jobless.


B. LinkedIn


You can share on your LinkedIn account your CV and ask your connections to share it for you. The more connections you have, the more chance to find a good job you get. You can also send direct messages to HR officers/managers.



  • Career group> You can join the career groups on LinkedIn. Other members or employers can send messages directly to you and more relevant jobs will be posted regularly. You can also talk about the fields that you are interested in. This helps you to enhance your profile strength and enlarge your network.

  • Ease to use> It is simple to create an account on LinkedIn. Also, by automatically sending the requests to connect to others, LinkedIn Helper can help you to achieve easily around 500 connections during a short time.



  • Fake account> There is no way to know if your connections really work for the companies that they mentioned on their LinkedIn account.

  • Language> LinkedIn is more for companies that use English in communication. For most of the pure Vietnamese companies, the HR officers do not use LinkedIn often. Thus, you can not easily contact them through LinkedIn or it takes much time to get their reply.


C. Facebook groups


You can also obtain suitable jobs by joining hiring FB groups and follow the posts of members.



  • Quickness and ease> More and more HR officers use this way as it is free and it can also help them target a big number of candidates. You can also receive the notifications whenever there are posts in the groups, which are mostly related to the new jobs.



  • Time lost and fake post> Like job boards, people can share the fake hiring posts on FB groups to catch the attention or fool the audiences. People tend to spend a lot of time to read these posts but finally, they can not find any suitable job.


Some popular FB groups:

  1. Career Opportunities in Vietnam (246 members)

  2. Data Jobs in Vietnam - Data Analysts / Data Scientist / Data Engineer (23 members)


  4. Tuyển dụng & Việc làm Digital Marketing Việt Nam - DigimarkVN(18k members)

  5. Tuyển Dụng Việc Làm Sài Gòn - TP.HCM (169k members)

  6. Tuyển Dụng Việc Làm Sài Gòn - TP.HCM (35k members)

  7. Việc Làm Tiếng Anh - English Jobs(75k members)


For IT jobs:

  1. Câu lạc bộ lập trình

  2. HỘI NHỮNG LẬP TRÌNH VIÊN PHP (4.7k members)

  3. IT Developer Programmer & Designer Jobs (Vietnam) (8.7k members)

  4. Việc Làm IT, Lập Trình, Freelancer lĩnh vực IT (16k members)


For interns:

  1. Internship - Career Opportunities (HCMC) (215k members)

  2. Internship - Career Opportunities (HCMC) (43k members)




To sum up, each method has its own strengths and weaknesses, to find a suitable job, you are advised to try all of these methods for the best result.


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