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How To Promote Your Brand On KakaoTalk

January 16, 2019




For the last decades, smartphones have rapidly evolved and it has changed the way people communicate. Texting is no longer new or unfamiliar and, moreover, people can reach out at any time and anywhere. As the communication way has changed, Many different messaging applications have also developed along with distinct features. The features are variously designed depending on users’ preferences and needs. According to SimilarWeb, the most popular messaging apps in the world in 2018  are Whatsapp and Facebook messenger. But, does this mean that they are popular in every country? The answer is “No”. Let’s have a look at examples. In China, WeChat is the most popular messaging app, Line in Japan and Taiwan, Zalo in Vietnam, and KakaoTalk in Korea, Unlike other messaging apps you might not know what is KakaoTalk. KakaoTalk was first launched in Korea in 2010 and with its consistent efforts and changes to customize features for Koreans, KakaoTalk has become the dominator of Korean messaging app market with users of 97% of the population in Korea in 2018.




By now, you know that KakaoTalk is the most popular messaging app in Korea. Then, let’s take a closer look at KakaoTalk. What distinctive features are on KakaoTalk?




As a messenger app, KakaoTalk offers free chats including voice and video calls, On top of that, users can find more useful features on the board in a chat room. For example, users can make an announcement for everyone in a chat to notice or create a poll with various styles (time limit / multi-select / anonymous responses). Moreover, in a chat room, users can post photos or videos like small social media and others can leave comments and likes.




Beyond a chat with just friends, users can interact with diverse people through Open Chats which is a small community on KakaoTalk. Users can create own Open Chats or search keywords to find chats and join. What differs Open Chats from other community is that Open Chats enable users to interact in an opened but limited space, which makes them feel more connected and affiliated with each other.


3) #TAB


#Tab is another way that KakaoTalk increases and remains user engagement. KakaoTalk offers hot issues, news, information, etc on #Tab, and users can leave a comment, like, or share contents. For better user experience, contents are organized by topic, and users can also search contents with keywords.


Besides these 3 features on KakaoTalk, there are a lot of small but useful and interesting features to explore.




You have known what is KakaoTalk and what features are on KakaoTalk. Then, how can brands use KakaoTalk to promote?





As shown above, #Tab is one of the distinctive features of Kakaotalk. Users can check out diverse types of news by topic such as Movies, Music, Sports, etc. Thanks to its feature, brands can choose a better place to advertise products or services to target users who are more likely to be interested in contents. For instance, for sports brands, Sports topic would be a better place than webtoon topic because users who read sports news would have more attention to sports products than webtoon readers would have. In addition, advertisements can be displayed in both images and videos so brands can have more options to consider the type of contents depending on products or services.




KakaoTalk offers a feature, called Plus Friend, for brands to promote on the app. The concept of Plus Friend is simple. Brands create a brand page and post contents. KakaoTalk users can visit the page and interact with a brand by leaving a comment or a like on contents. In addition, if users want to get more promotional notifications from the brands they can freely be a friend (Follower). Once users connect with brands direct messages with promotions such as coupons, photos, or any types of information can be sent to users on KakaoTalk.


Unlike Facebook, KakaoTalk only allows brands to send messages to followers so it can be harder to promote and acquire new followers. However, since users decided to be followers this feature is more likely to bring about stronger loyalty from users, enabling brands to better remain followers and even enhance loyalty.




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