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Best Moocs to follow in 2019 to become a Data Analyst or Data Scientist

January 9, 2019

 What is Mooc?


To wikipedia, Mooc represents a massive open online course, which does not restrict participation and people can easily access Moocs via the web. With Moocs, the interactive courses are provided to support interactions among professors, teaching assistants and students. Also, feedback to quizzes or assignment can be shared quickly through Moocs.


Objectives to follow Mooc?


The main purpose to use Moocs is to achieve gain more knowledge for the self-improvement. You can also share ideas or discuss with other learners from all over the world to increase partnerships with them through online collaboration.

How to follow?















DRIVE’s tips

  1. Create an event on your calendar and stick to it with 2*2 hours per week.

  2. Check the content of the MOOC with your pairs to ensure it matches your expectations, take time to check the reviews.

  3. Take time to share with your friends, if you can explain to someone it’s easier to learn.

  4. Practice your skills with real data. Ask brands or agencies to work for free, build you own use cases.




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