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What do you think about the future of digital business?

November 20, 2018

Viet Nam Martech conference and Exposition in 2018 - the future of digital business has been taken place on November, 9th at Capela Parkview, Phu Nhuan district. HCMC.




Attracting the attention of small and medium enterprises across the country, Businesses seeking collaborative opportunities and finding smart solutions based on speeches and theories of the experts in the industry.


There are 3 main subjects:




Networking – the event offers a unique opportunity for technology providers to develop a personal and direct relationship with current & potential clients and for new MarTech adopters to discuss  like-minded marketers.




The Conference is designed to educate on new technologies & best practices, whilst providing the opportunity to hear directly from leading MarTech speakers & brands who have successful adopted MarTech.

* Inspiring atmosphere to gain new ideas, try new concepts, share experiences & discuss common problems.




Exhibition – a unique branding opportunity – with the quality and number of visitors who attend Vietnam MarTech Expo, exhibiting gives a great brand exposure to the people who matter.


In addition, the integration of MarTech into the communications activities will allow the company to closely follow the evolutions and attitudes of consumers to specific marketing campaigns. By that, accurately identify the positive aspects, as well as the limitations of the campaign during the deployment. Once these data are available, enterprises will be able to easily statistically compare the effectiveness of the communication channels, thereby addressing specific changes, focusing on developing visitor attractions. It builds an automated communication strategy, boosts revenue and improves customer experience.


In general, as the market becomes more digitalized customer demand becomes more diversified, and more difficult to grasp than ever before, applying the MarTech platform to the business environment will help the business. It is better to end up with an infinite Big Data source, which contributes to a distinctly competitive advantage over the competition.


One thing is certain that MarTech has become the direction that most businesses take in the market, and it’s time for the media executives and managers to equip themselves with the knowledge they need.

Nowaday, more and more events focus on the issue call “big data’’ - The more qualified data you have, the more success your business become. The most important thing is to optimize your data and make it be your effective weapon. Have a look at our website Contact us to know more


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