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Top 5 most promising Vietnamese startups according to DRIVE.

November 1, 2018


Vietnam is growing to become a hub to attract many new startups. In just a few years, there have been thousands of new companies in the Vietnamese startup ecosystem. And, with more and more investors looking for opportunities in Vietnam, the future of Vietnamese startups is very promising. Contrary to precocious beliefs, Vietnamese startups prove to be as successful as other foreign ones.

Here are some of the most successful startups in Vietnam right now:




1. Logistic > Logivan (Uber for cargo)



Newly launched this year, Logivan is a platform that connects clients with truck drivers to distribute their product across Vietnam. Clients in need of a truck just need to fill out an order form that the drivers can pick up; while truck drivers can be sure to keep their productivity up with no leftover spaces. Now, manufacturers and other companies without their own private fleet can now utilize Logivan to delegate their distribution to a 3rd party with great efficiency.


Moreover, it’s free of charge for both clients and truckers that use the application. With the help of Logivan, truck drivers can now work more efficiently, which will improve the congestion of Vietnam traffic and also reduce pollution. Logivan aims to be the leading platform to digitalize the logistics process and decrease the cost of the distribution of Vietnamese goods.



2. Chatbot building platform > BotStar



BotStar is a bot platform where you can build an automatic chat bot for your page/website. It has many features, such as flowchart for visual design, monitoring and tracking your bot performance, broadcasting customized messages to your customers, switching to live agent chat, and many more. 


Furthermore, there are also many templates of chatbot to help you with the construction of your own chatbot. BotStar chatbot can be used on multi-channels, from your Facebook fan page as a messenger bot to your website as a widget bot.


 The bot also gives you insights on the demographics of your users, and help you better customize your marketing strategy to each group. BotStar is also one of the few bot platforms to support Vietnamese. With the ease of use and the wide range of functionality, there’s no excuse not to make a chatbot of your own and see how it will improve your customer services!



3. Tourism > Trip Hunter


Trip Hunter is an all-stop-shop for all your needs in travelling. It helps you book from transportation to accommodation and even tours, and you can centralize all the information about your bookings in one place for easy access.


 Moreover, unlike other booking sites like or Airbnb, Trip Hunter also allows travellers to post their own travel plan available to others, including recommended transportation, duration, and price ranges. Based on your own budget and requirements, you can mix-and-match all these travel plans to have the best fit for your own experience. 


Travellers can also review the places they have visited so that others can have a better understanding of where they should go. From a vacation alone to a group trip, you can find many great existing plans to build your own dream vacation. Trip Hunter also regularly posts travel manuals for beginner travellers to view the most popular places and typical food from different provinces/cities.



4. Fintech > Money Lover


Money Lover is a personal finance management application, where you can track your expenses and make budgets. You can view your spending behaviour easily with dashboards and charts, with categorized expenses and incomes, so that you can have more insights on your everyday transactions. 


The app also allows you to create budgets and saving plans based on your spending habits, so you can have an easy time to save money. It also has other features, such as multi-device synchronization, keeping track of the exchange rate, and scanning receipts. By using Money Lover, you can better understand your spending habits and have a budget that will be easy to follow.



5. Lifestyle > Meete


Meete is an application focusing on connecting customers with offline businesses via an online advertisement of their discounts. From food to fashion and healthy lifestyle, Meete has you covered in hundreds on great deals and discount codes every day. It also features a wide range of collections of businesses from its own customers for others to view and share on social media. 


Meete is also a winner in the recent Vietnam Startup Wheel 2018. Right now, it is only focusing on the two big cities - Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi; but in the future, Meete will expand to other cities and provinces. It also will look into other parts of lifestyles, and connect with even more offline businesses. 


Vietnam is a potential ecosystem for startups to develop, with more and more investors interested in business opportunities here. There have been a lot of competition for startups to help them get in touch with investors. Right now is the best time for you to push your plan in motion if you dream to build a successful startup. However, you should also take into account the culture and demographics of Vietnam to make a successful startup. 



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