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Remote work: Can it be a new pattern ?

August 31, 2018

Working remotely is not a common topic to talk about today, but a real demand from both employees and employers. Can it be a new pattern in workforce distribution ?


Its biggest benefits, from the management’s point of view, are the ability to hire talents with no geographical boundaries and to build a workforce with high level of satisfaction, responsibility and retention. From the employee’s point of view, the freedom in choosing work schedule holds the first position, followed next by being able to spend time with family which means a better work/life balance.

















While it is progressively expanding in the rest of the world, entrepreneurs and business owners in Vietnam seem indifferent to this workforce distribution pattern. No report has been done yet in Vietnam, or the transformation is too weak to draw attention.  Co-located team sharing the same physical location and having face-to-face conversations is playing a dominant role in Vietnamese work culture. The new pattern might be appealing, but far from being adopted. Collaborating, distractions at home, increasing management effort are the biggest barriers to overcome.

The switch however could be made gradually over the coming years as Vietnam is one of the top developing countries and sensitive to innovation. And offering remote working in the benefit package can help increase the employer’s competitive advantage on the recruitment market.


At Drive, we already integrated remote work into our team made up of people coming from different countries and working from different offices. You can send us an email for any question on this topic. We can definitely share our experience to help you explore this new pattern.


Regarding remote workers, we encourage you to follow this enjoyable path without being underperforming by well organizing your tasks (Todoist, Paymo), being responsive on communication channels (Slack, Zoom), setting clear objectives for each to-do and respecting every deadline.


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