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Influencer marketing, from brand communication to product distribution and customer service

April 12, 2018

What is influencer marketing?


Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which people replace traditional digital channels (SEO, SEA, Emails, Social media, referral and direct) as a way to convey information.  It operates through the person who has influence over the final wanted target. Communication mediums between the influencer and the final customer are social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.)


What are the different levels for an influencer?


There are three levels of influencers: celebrities, macro-influencers and micro-influencers. The difference between these categories is their audience size (volume of followers).



Influencers share content on their social media to interact with their audience.


Different types of content exist with different ways of monetizing it:


1- From brand Communication …


Pictures, videos, … Influencers are posting daily on several social media to communicate with their followers.

To earn money, sponsored post is the most prevalent remuneration pattern. Influencers receive money to promote a product/service on social media. Among the community size and engagement, brands are paying more or less a fix amount of money per post.

For example, when Uber launched its platform, the conpany expanded thanks to influencers, for they had promotional codes to share to their followers. The more promotions codes were used, the more money influencers were earning.


2- … to product distribution, partnership and customer service – Creation of independent brands

Creating a brand with products to sell is a good way to generate business. Today, influence marketing is profitable to each stakeholder.


a/ As a brand - improve your awareness

Instead of reading market research about this new marketing area, build partnership with KOL, involve them not only on the communication phase but also the product creation, HR, customer service, etc. And be careful about fake and non relevant influencer that can impact your brand awareness. It costs only few dollars to buy thousands of followers.


b/ As an influencer - diversificate your business model.

Sharing content and earning money through sponsored posts can be temporary. Starting selling products is a long-term view to your brand. Once you have built your community, your fans trust you more if you sell your own products. If you only sell someone else's product, your audience will feel less engaged.

Platforms exist to help you set-up your shop online (ex: Taobao, Shopify).


An alternative to creating your own brand is to collaborate with a brand and add your identity to an item. Agencies are providing this service among the brand demand.



The KOL Store provides co branded products between brands and influencers on the influencer demand.

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About DRIVE agency


Created in 2017, DRIVE is a digital performance agency providing clients with a data-driven marketing strategy, powered by skilled talents, reliable data and scalable technology system. Certified on major analytics and conversion solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet and Adobe Analytics, we combine our expertise to meet your business expectations. With experience in both brand and agency matters and working within international environments for more than ten years, we can accompany you in facing your challenges.

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