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Freelancing and location dependent, why do you have to rethink your HR strategy

September 28, 2017


Let’s take the example of Fiverr, the world’s most transacted marketplace for digital services.


Figure 1 - Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur #InDoersWeTrust


Within brands, new jobs have come up such as Freelance Experience Manager in charge of external and internal relationships or Business Developer Director paid on commission basis to extend brand’s activities at a reduced cost. Marketplaces, association of freelances, collaboration between brands, agencies, etc. the landscape is moving … fast.


Do you recognize yourself in one of these situations? 

  1. You want to promote your brand and your products, but you don’t have enough time and budget for hiring a full-time expert,

  2. Your best collaborator wants to work from home or soon, from a co-working space in Chiang Mai Thailand,

  3. Your product or your service evolve, and you do not find a profile with the required skills and experience,

  4. A big part of your daily tasks could be managed by a junior level to allow you to dedicate your time on your core business.



At DRIVE we are convinced the future of work is happening now. Since the launch of our activity in South East Asia in August 2017, our clients come from France, China, Hong Kong and Vietnam.


Take a look on these platforms to know what is your price on the market and how many resources you can get to develop your business? 79 Websites To Get Freelance Jobs Fast - Forbes


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Created in 2017, DRIVE is a digital performance agency providing clients with a data-driven marketing strategy, powered by skilled talents, reliable data and scalable technology system. Certified on major analytics and conversion solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet and Adobe Analytics, we combine our expertise to meet your business expectations. With experience in both brand and agency matters and working within international environments for more than ten years, we can accompany you in facing your challenges. Our production center is based in Ho Chi Minh City, named world’s 2nd most dynamic city.

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