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How chatbots are changing B2B marketing?

September 14, 2017

Since 2000, the marketing industry was evolving at a fast pace. Technology gave birth to a new type of media and marketers follow the trend by discovering new tools and ways of communication. Back in 2000 marketing was dominated by SEO and SEM. As we know we are now in the era of messaging and marketing is following the trend by inventing new ways of talking with the customers. It’s not only important to get visitors to your web site but also to engage them and convert them into customers.


Nowadays, chatbots are the most used web communication tool on the net. You may have had positive and negative experiences with chatbots. Some of the business believe that they are not worth the money and the effort, but statistics show different results. Nearly 1.4 billion people interacted with a chatbot in 2017 and the number is increasing. Especially with the new chat bot features on Facebook.



It seems now that everyone has a chatbot. Why they got so much popularity from marketers and B2B sector? Because they can enhance your engagement level and conversion rate significantly. They are many important reasons of course, but we compiled a list of the core three reasons why B2B companies should get their own conversational tool. Follow the list!

  • Utility of customer service

If you install chatbot on your web page you will see better results with the management of your customers. You will have one place where you can see all of the contacts from the visitors and answer their request on fast notice.  A chatbot is also a convenient place for a customer to get answers to the FAQ without wasting your time. The automated messages can answer generic questions even without your help. For instance, MEOKAY is a beautiful platform for creating your own messaging chatbot. It offers many possibilities and AI functionality.

  • Engagement on a deeper level with customers

People adore and demand customization and personal experiences. When a business gives immediate attention to the customer their satisfaction is increased significantly. This means that there is a great possibility that they will come back and become a loyal customer. Chatbots can give immediate answers to the customers and by doing that affect the conversion and engagement rate significantly. Conversations lead to purchases, sign ups, appointments and connections to your business. Amazing!

  • Valuable customer insights

Chatbots offer amazing reports and stats about the behavior of your customers and visitors. It can completely revolutionize the interaction and selling process of your business. Imagine if you can see what type of responses are getting the best interactions or what time of the day your customers are chatting with your brand. Data of this type can shape your blogging and social media activity too. Dashbot and botmetrics can definitely help you in achieving this for your business.


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