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How digital performance has evolved and how we are facing it

August 16, 2017



  1. The Multi-sources project is the new standard - pre-requisite to manage the change. More skills in managing API, data base and dash-boarding solutions are required.

  2. Digital analyst daily routine is mostly dedicated to data quality, data extraction and reporting. But it’s getting easier to manage these tasks thanks to many solutions like Adobe, Ab Tasty, Google, which are providing AI based solutions for quick insights, leaving place to the intelligence layout. These are not advanced features for now, but tomorrow it will become a necessity.

  3. The relationship between stakeholders has been evolving: agencies manage consulting; consulting firms develop their own tools; freelancers are required and advertisers are more mature, and this new configuration requires collaborative tools and a project-driven organisation.

In conclusion, there are more data and more efficient tools to manage them, however, there are still challenges to hire profiles and manage human resources.


I am convinced that the renewal of digital trainings like Le Wagon and The Gig Economy can be a solution to ensure the delivery of projects. For long term partnership, I would recommend extending the criteria to hire a resource. Offshoring and digital nomad people can help you generate business at a lower price.





Since 2014, I had the opportunity to work in France and China, for a leading data performance consulting firm, as well as on side projects. As a doer and a trainer, I’ve noticed many evolutions that made me launch my own data agency in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).


Most of our projects are multi-sources such as Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Salesforce, Facebook and Youtube aggregated in a single data base for segmentation, reporting and activation. The Application Program Interface (API) helps connect data and automation to activate them. There is no more excuse to keep your silos, even within your internal organisation.


It’s getting more difficult to find resources that know how to use these tools, and resources are changing their expectations. Never forget the resource beyond the tool; the new generation travels, switches, creates and dreams. The current hype to undertake will probably slow down, but resources will be expecting more freedom and entrepreneurial spirit.


Projects are global, with talents localized across the world. Have you noticed the average costs on Upwork for someone to do your job in another country? Google analytics set up for $40; a dashboard with Tableau Software for $100 and $300 for a virtual assistant for one full month? The debate is not about globalisation and life cost - it’s about what you consider relevant for you as a digital analyst or publisher. The place where your job is done or how qualified is your contact? Projects are lead at a global level, far away from both countries’ specificities and global division of labour.


For further info, you can meet us, call us, message us or take a look at our website


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About DRIVE agency


Created in 2017, DRIVE is a digital performance agency providing clients with a data-driven marketing strategy, powered by skilled talents, reliable data and scalable technology system. Certified on major analytics and conversion solutions such as Google Analytics, AT Internet and Adobe Analytics, we combine our expertise to meet your business expectations. With experience in both brand and agency matters and working within international environments for more than ten years, we can accompany you in facing your challenges.

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