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Program for students & fresh graduates 

Join us for an intensive program of 1 week split into Theory (Morning) and Practice through concrete and real use cases (Afternoon) and pass your GAIQ (Google Analytics Certification) at the end of the training. 

Cost / person: on demand

Location: Thao Dien District 2 Ho Chi Minh City 

Program for employees

Join us for a program of 6 weeks designed for employees: 

- Theory on Monday from 6.30 to 8.30 PM

- Practice on Saturday morning from 8.30 to 12 PM

and pass your GAIQ (Google Analytics Certification) at the end of the training. 

Cost / person: $300

Location: Thao Dien District 2 Ho Chi Minh City 

Program for companies

Improve the efficiency of your team through a customized program which mixes up theory and use cases based on your company industry and internal digital challenges.

- 2 days from 8.30 AM to 5 PM

Cost / person: $200, up to 10 people per group

Location: at company location 

Learn data analytics

Every person who works with analytics, from data mining to business intelligence, has to start with the raw data. Learn how to identify value creation opportunities, new digital usages, and multi-channel customer journey.

Adopt a methodical way

There's definitely a good way of building analysis and defining strategical recommendations. Draft your tagging plan, set up the tool, collect the right information and act. That is what we are expecting from a data analyst.

Get the analyst toolkit

Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Data Studio. We will teach you how to implement all of these solutions to collect information. Save time, use the right tool that fits your needs, that's our (data)mindset.

Find your dream job

We will help you find your dream job or improve your skills to develop yourself and diversify your responsibilities within your current organization.



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