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December 29, 2019

The processing and analysis of their data has become essential for most companies during the past decade. Indeed, the information that we can obtain thanks to data is of considerable help in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as in info...

June 12, 2019

With the rise of technologies, digital marketers have a wide variety of tools to make the best of their campaigns. Among those, machine learning is becoming more and more popular in the digital marketing landscape.

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

In the most simple terms...

May 28, 2019

An insight of automation processes and workload relief, which required a few lines of script of #1 programming language worldwide.

Python has become a leading language to process and enhance data, When transforming data to intelligence, retrieving and publishing data fe...

April 23, 2019

Short Description: Consumer Analysis is a very important type of analysis that almost all Marketing Managers, Business Analysts need to do before making important decisions. A most comprehensive analysis will require these 3 layers of data to support business decisions...

March 26, 2019

A few considerations to keep in mind when you launch your conversational business chatbot

Congratulations! You decided to upgrade your skyrocketing customer service activity with a NLP (1) solution using a chatbot, a great scalable and fast-responding tool for your busi...

March 13, 2019

Have you ever wondered how to leverage your internal data* for external use? Thanks to the data monetization, the effort and infrastructure you have painstakingly built over the years can turn into a new revenue stream for your organization: in some way, you sell your...

February 28, 2019

In simple terms, Data for Good is a project where ‘Data’ is analyzed in the hope of findings insights and/or solutions for social and/or humanitarian problems, or in other words, for a ‘Good’ cause. Data scientists recruited for these projects are often volunteers, wit...

November 6, 2018

We pay special attention to how our customers are alike – and how they are different too. For that reason, markets and countries have latitude when it comes to menu marketing, community involvement and local business management. See McDonald’s around the world.


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